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Principal, Retirement Plan and Investment Consultant

WPA Registered Principal

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Scott Schlappi, Principal and Retirement and Investment Consultant at WealthPlan Advisors, has been in the retirement plan and investment business throughout his entire career of over 30 years. He started WealthPlan Advisors with his brother, Todd, in 2009. Scott is best known for his knowledge of Qualified/Non-Qualified Retirement Plans offered by corporations, governments and nonprofit organizations. He has spent his entire career helping these organizations establish, monitor and improve their retirement plans. Scott is well-known among ERISA Councils, and is an active contributing member of the Retirement Advisor Council.

Scott is an Accredited Fiduciary Investment Analyst (AFIA®) and a Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS), and has enjoyed helping organizations improve their retirement plans to lead to more comfortable lives in the future.

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