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Jerry Osti brings nearly two decades of expertise in the financial services industry, specializing in retirement plans. Joining WealthPlan Advisors in 2016 as a Client Relationship Consultant, Jerry plays a pivotal role in managing the day-to-day needs of WPA's clients and their retirement plans. Serving as a liaison between clients and recordkeepers, he engages in strategic discussions on plan design changes, conducts thorough analyses of compliance testing, and diligently monitors compliance deadlines.

Passionate about ensuring his clients maintain retirement plans that effectively serve their employees and prepare them for a comfortable retirement, Jerry excels in problem-solving and enhancing operational efficiency. His commitment to excellence is evident in his ability to address complex challenges and streamline processes.

Before joining WealthPlan Advisors, Jerry contributed to the success of a top-tier recordkeeper, where he specialized in plan administration. Additionally, he served as a business analyst/coordinator, focusing on specific retirement plan topics. Jerry's extensive background uniquely positions him as a valuable asset to WealthPlan Advisors, where his dedication to client success and proficiency in retirement planning make a lasting impact.

Client Relationship Consultant

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