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Angela Talbot holds over 25 years of comprehensive experience in the financial services industry. A proud third-generation Arizona native, she holds a business degree from Arizona State University. Angela embarked on her career as a trader and Investment Advisor in Scottsdale, AZ, later transitioning into retirement plan advising in 2014.

Discovering a profound passion for retirement plans, particularly in participant education, Angela made a deliberate shift to concentrate 100% on retirement plans, culminating in her joining WealthPlan Advisors in 2023. Angela's commitment to communicating the significance of saving for retirement, coupled with her ability to simplify complex concepts, has proven invaluable to our clients and their employees.

In her role as a consultant, Angela extends her expertise to assist committees in plan design, conduct investment analyses, and tackle challenges, no matter their scale. Her dedication to facilitating clear communication and providing effective solutions underscores Angela's substantial contribution to the success of our clients and reinforces her position as an essential member of the WealthPlan Advisors team.

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